Monday, September 20, 2010
I'm nervous!
Well, I do have to admit: I'm rather nervous about the SEI design team call. I just went to browse the boards at 2ps and I saw that some of the girls that submitted for their design team call actually got an email right off the bat that said something like "Thank you but you weren't selected..." I got an email that explained what they were looking for and it asked us if we agreed with the terms. It also said they would let everyone know by the 21st of this month. Well, it is now officially the 20th, and I'm really nervous! I would be SO OVER THE MOON EXCITED to be chosen for this design team. I adore their products and I've been creating layouts like crazy the last month. I have like six that I want to submit to all the magazines. I think I can do this. No. I'm sure I can do this... but I'm so nervous!! LOL


Blogger Jamie Lane said...

The waiting game is always hard! :) Hang in there!

Blogger Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Good luck Sandi.
Love your Autmn speldor layout!!

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