Friday, September 10, 2010
I think I mentioned the other day that I joined a really fun scrappy website, right? Well, it's called and they are having a month-long "crop" with all sorts of fun little games and challenges to get you motivated. I participated in a challenge called "Scrap tag," where I was emailed a lift of a lift of a lift, etc... I was also the anchor for our team and I don't think I've ever scrapped a page so fast in my life! LOL Really. From start to finish, it was just under an hour - which just may be a world record for me.

This is the page I ended up with - and I hate to admit it, but I plan on redoing it. I'm not quite happy with the colors and there 's just not enough "stuff" on it for me. :) Anyhoo - here's my take on the "sketch" I was given:

The background is really not black, that's just my computer screen, which I found makes a really dandy page holder in a pinch. This photo was taken by one of my Dad's crew-mates on board the ships this summer. He had come home just a few weeks before they came to port in Hammond, but he went up for the weekend to work and just generally, help out with the tours & such. I think we were all so surprised to see how small the ships really are and that he lived on board them for three whole months! We are all so proud of him!


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