Saturday, September 04, 2010
Just me...
I know that in the past, I've kept this blog just scrapbook related, but hey! It's my blog and I think I want to start blogging for not only my scrappy stuff, but for my own itty bit of sanity. So today I'm going to share some personal stuff. (You've been warned. *wink*)

Most of my family and good friends know that last year, I started to finally get healthier. I was tired of being overweight and tired and loads of other things, so I got my act together and joined Weight Watchers online. (This was the easiest for me since I work Thursday-Monday straight afternoons and most WW meetings in my area are always on Thursdays, while I'm at work.) It's been over a year now and while I am in NO way near my goal weight, (I still have roughly 50 pounds I want to lose to get there.) I am so much happier in my "new" skin.

I've been frustrated the last few months though, because I've plateaued out AGAIN. I think this is maybe the third time. I had a trainer that was helping me work out for a while and he says that my body is trying to get over the shock of losing the weight and that it will take a while for my metabolism to catch up with the rest of me. That makes me grumpy. Silly, but true. I'm really tired of being stuck at this weight and I've tried a bunch of things to get past it, but I'm not having any luck. I've tried eating less, I've tried exercising more, I've tried doing only cardio, I've tried just walking, heck - I even tried, for one month, eating more (not excessively, just more and more often). That did nothing but help me gain back about 5 pounds. I've since lost that and am once again stuck at my plateau weight. So I've kind of just had it and am afraid I may be resigned to being 50 pounds away from my goal weight forever. *sigh*

Is there anyone out there that has any ideas or maybe some thoughts on why I can't lose any more?


Blogger nancy said...

Well, I don't have any brilliant insights... I did WW last year and lost 35 pounds and then plateaued. I did find out later I was hypothyroid, which I guess had something to do with it. Don't give up though... keep perservering!

Blogger Lynn said...

i have been on ww for two years and it took me that long to lose 30 lbs. i was about the journey and not making it feel like a diet and the fact i packed on the pounds over the years was not gonna be overnight so i cheated my way through. not alot but just enough. when i hit a plateau, i would cheat a bit and that would seem to spike it. i realize some people can't do that because it would allow them to cheat all the time which doesn't help. but it worked for me.

good luck- don't give up. its so goood when you finally hit the mark.

Blogger Sandi Minchuk said...

Thanks ladies! I don't plan on giving up - I've come too far to give up now! :)

Blogger trish.chamberlain said...

I have been on and off WW for years. I lost 20lbs and plateaued. I have since go off WW to save money but I am still following the plan and keeping up with the exersing. Losing weight is a LONG road. Good Luck!

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