Sunday, August 20, 2006
Fun toot for me!
I was contacted by the owner of Scrapbook Sizzle the other day through email. She said she saw my resume and really liked my work and invited me to be on the new design team. I'll get my first project box some time early next week, so you will soon be seeing projects from me for there. The site is new but it sounds like she is going to have lots to offer! I can't wait! And if you are reading, thank you so much Shelly for offering me this wonderful opportunity!


Blogger Amy W. said...

HUGE congrats girlie! :>

Blogger Kimberly said...

Congratulations SANDI! HEY, can you take off work and fly to ATLANTA to help me move? LOL Missing the musings online here lately!

Blogger Cami said...

SCRAPPY CongratZ, Sandi!!!!
Can't wait to see the new stuffs :)she's lucky to have you

Blogger Michelle said...

For some reason, this does not surprise me with the fab work you do!!

Blogger Tracie said...


I wish I new you had a blog, i'd been following it all along my friend! Now that I FOUND YOU, I'll be STALKING YOU...hahahahaha

That is AWESOME that you are now being contacted!! I've always loved your work...and like I've said before, I'm just not surprised!! Can't wait to catch up on all the blog postings you've done and all the future ones, keep in touch!!!

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