Monday, June 16, 2008
Happy Father's Day...
to all the Dads out there!
Today was such a nice day: My Mom and Dad invited all of us kids out to brunch at Strongbow this morning. (Unfortunately, both Jeff and I ended up having to work over last night at work. Jeff wasn't able to make it out there with me, but he did get some much needed sleep before heading into work as early car today.) Anywho... I drove out to meet everyone and we all ate way too much good food and had fun listening to the girls tell us all about swimming and how (baby) David can already talk! Sadie swears he can say "I love you" but I must say that's pretty darn impressive for barely two months old! LOL (He will mimic (coo) what she's saying in her little sing-song lilt, but it's no where close to real words.) Dad and I both had to work afternoons so after spending some time at their house, we both left for work.


Blogger iris said...

Wow your baby must be a genius! "I Love You" and not even two months old??! I have seen your work in books and magazines and I love your art! I'm glad I found your blog through "Inspire Me".

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