Sunday, May 25, 2008
Memory Makers' Oh Baby book!
I just got my copy of the new Memory Makers' book, Oh Baby, along with my layout. I only have onle layout in this book but there are such cute ideas in this book! So much so, that after devouring the book from cover to cover, I made THREE layouts of my own! I can't share any of those yet because I subbed them- which is something I haven't done in EONS, it seems! Anywho... here's the layout I have in Oh Baby:

It's a page about my two nieces- the oldest, Sadie, is "reading" a book to Madison, the youngest. (Notice the book being upside down! lol) My Mom made up the cutest little poem-song when I was young and the girls have learned it and asy almost as much as I did when I was young. I just wanted to make sure this little bit of our family's history was preserved somewhere, before I start to forget things. Seems like it's happening to me more and more! It stinks getting older! LOL


Blogger Pat said...

Adorable page & congrats!

Blogger polinka said...

what a wonderful LO!! Love it!

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