Saturday, January 05, 2008
Some more jewelry toots!
I got another email from Tatia at Bead Trends requesting four more of my latest creations! These will be in the May/June book. I also got my copies of the January/February (along with a really generous gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems) the other day in the mail and I am telling you- the photography and creations in this book are FANTASTIC! My Mom and I sat in my scrapbook room the other day, pouring over it- oohing and aahing over everyone's things. I am just so tickled to be in there and I have to admit- I have really gone back to my roots in jewelry making. I love it. It's something portable that I can take to work and it's something that I can get instant gratification from- something scrapbooking isn't for me. I just take too darned long making pages anymore! LOL


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congrats! I saw the magazine and your bracelets are gorgeous!!

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