Wednesday, March 26, 2008
A big 'ole toot to share!
Late last year, I was asked to be a part of an amazing new book published by Memory Makers books: Show It Off! I just received my copy of the book the other day and I am just having so much fun oohing and aahing over it! There are so many great ideas in there on how to show off your scrapbooking and not just keep it hidden in your albums. It's sort of a how-to display things in your home and get cool things up on your walls. You really should have a look!

Here are my projects that are in the book- A little 9x9 framed photo box & pic of me and Jeff (courtesy of Hallmark):

Two wall hangings (one for Sadie and one for Madison and THANK goodness I picked up a third when I bought these frames at Hobby Lobby, because baby David will need one, too!)

Some close-ups:

A fun little paper bouquet:

And a mini album about a trip my parents and nieces took to Michigan one weekend:


Blogger Amy W. said...

those are FAB projects! congrats on the pub. i will have to check that book out. :) hope all is well your way. just stopped by to tag you. visit my blog to get the scoop. :) we still should meet up sometime when you are not so busy. lol ;)

amy wilges

Blogger rajah1116 said...

These are great ideas! I may have to try a few of these!

Blogger michele said...

that's AWESOME!!!!!

btw----TAG (see my blog)

Blogger croppin carla said...

Wow loving all of your creativity......How exciting for you to on the pub! Congrats.

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