Thursday, April 27, 2006
Thoughts for the day...
So the discussion was raised over at 2ps about compensation and recognition:

"Designer credit vs. no credit

The question being...would you be willing to do work, pay work. Possibly display sample work. But no 'byline.' Perhaps the possibility of someone recognizing your work or kids...but otherwise no viewable credit. This could be for magazine ads, display boards, obscure rarely seen things/samples, packages. But paid for.

Or do you require your work to always have credit?"

My answer was short and simple: In a heartbeat. I just really want to get my work out there- I'm not in it for the recognition. I'm in it to create art, share with others and maybe, just maybe inspire some others along the way.

What are your thoughts, if any?


Blogger Amy W. said...

Sandi, i'm right there with ya. i admit i would love to see my work in a magazine and if i get my butt in gear i might someday but i don't need my name right there in print. i just love to share the passion! {hugs} :>

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