Thursday, April 13, 2006
I was on the news!
Kim and I were happily scrapping away yesterday at Studio C when a news crew pulled into the lot. I was facing the window and I said to Kim, 'Is that a news van that just pulled in?' She jumped up and looked out the window, and sure enough it was!

Well, it turns out that the governor, Mitch Daniels, signed into legislation some act that makes the reworking of US 31 possible MUCH sooner than expected, but because of this, the store is in the new proposed path of the expanded & upgraded highway! Poor Theresa & Doug!

Anyhow, they both did an interview and then the cameraman, a younger guy who Kim and I started talking with, started taking some video of everyone inside and Kim and I made it into the footage! Of course, stuff like this always happens when you don't look your best, so here is the clip: You can read more about the story and see us here!

Isn't that just crazy? :D


Blogger CMK said...

Oh my gosh I saw you on there for about 2 seconds...that is sad - that place looks awesome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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