Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Scrappy goodness!
So... I finally made it out to the new Pages in Time Forever with my friend Jody today. It has been eight VERY long months since I've purchased any new scrappy goodness. Well, it has been eight VERY long months since I have wanted to do anything scrappy. Well, on second thought, I take that back. I've *wanted* to do scrappy things but my mojo had got up and went. LOL I would sit down with a really cute picture and some older papers that I had been dying to use and I would push the papers and pictures around and not get very far.

Last month, I started stamping again and just the simple act of making some cards made me so happy, I couldn't see straight! So, I decided to dig out one of my newer kits from Paper Posies. One of the new kits had some Bo Bunny paper in it and I had the perfect picture of baby David playing in the sprinkler that I wanted to scrap but didn't have anything new to use on this new paper that would match.... so I decided a much anticipated trip to South Bend was in order! I spent WAY too much and got a LOT of stuff and I'm going to sit down tomorrow and actually make a page. I'm so excited I can't even see straight!

Friday, August 27, 2010
A few cards

Look! I did it! I was crafty! LOL In all seriousness, I made some cards that I'd like to share. All stamps pictured are Stampin' Up! I really enjoy watercoloring, so most of these are done using watercolor pencils, re-inkers and some markers.

Monday, August 23, 2010
It's been a looooong time!
Looking back through some of my posts, it's been a very long time since I've shared anything even remotely crafty. Opening Scrapperie really killed me creatively... it hurts me to say that but it's the God's honest truth. I took all of my pent up creativity and used it in ways to make new & interesting kits. Sometimes they were successful, sometimes not. Either way the cookie crumbled, I took it personally. So I think I started to resent scrapbooking and since then, I've not been able to create anything. I miss it. It feels like a part of me that I was forced to get rid of, unwillingly.

I ordered a new Stampin' Up! catalog last week and since then, I've been poring over it - totally transfixed on all of the new ways to play with paper. I even brought out some of my old stamps and started to play. Guess what? I'm getting there. It's not anything great that I want to share yet but I'm remembering how to be crafty... and I'm liking it more and more.