Friday, May 30, 2008
I've been a bad blogger!
I've noticed that I've really stopped sharing a lot of things in my blog. I'm going to make a conscious effort (starting today) to blog a lot more often.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Scrapperie DT search
How would YOU like to design for a très magnifique kit club?

Scrapperie is looking for enthusiastic scrappers to help us showcase our monthly kits and help promote the site. This time around, we are looking for designers to showcase not only the Essentials kit each month, but the Extras/Trimmings kit as well!

As a Très Chic Girl you will be expected to showcase our monthly kits to the best of your ability; participate actively in our forums and take part in our reguarly scheduled and special events. We also hope you would love to talk about Scrapperie to your friends and talk us up on other websites (where allowed.)

If you would like the chance to be a Très Chic Girl you need to be active on the message board to make sure this is the place for you. Then you need to upload 3 creations of your choosing (they do not have to be new- just your favorite pieces will do) in our Très Chic folder in The Gallerie. You will need to decide which kits you'd rather play with and try out for- the standard Essentials kit or the Extras/Trimmings kits. If you love to alter and make mini albums, the Extras/Trimmings kit would be right up your alley. If you're more of a traditional scrapper, then choose the Essentials kit. If you're trying for the Essentials kit, then upload three of your most favorite layouts. If you've chosen the Extras/Trimmings, then upload three of your most favorite altered projects.

The new term will run from 7.1.08 through 10.31.08. (Each term runs for 4 months allowing us to present this opportunity to a wider range of scrappers.)

Next, send an email to with the following information:

-Your name (and Scrapperie user name- if it's different from your real name)
-Your full address (City, State, Country, Zip Code, etc)
-Your telephone number
-Your email address
-Any other things you want us to know about you- as much or as little as you want to tell us
-What (if any) other design teams you are on and if it is another kit club, etc- that sorta thing

Deadline for submissions is 6.23.08. Designers will be announced later that same week.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Either PM me, post it here or email me at

Bon chance!

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Memory Makers' Oh Baby book!
I just got my copy of the new Memory Makers' book, Oh Baby, along with my layout. I only have onle layout in this book but there are such cute ideas in this book! So much so, that after devouring the book from cover to cover, I made THREE layouts of my own! I can't share any of those yet because I subbed them- which is something I haven't done in EONS, it seems! Anywho... here's the layout I have in Oh Baby:

It's a page about my two nieces- the oldest, Sadie, is "reading" a book to Madison, the youngest. (Notice the book being upside down! lol) My Mom made up the cutest little poem-song when I was young and the girls have learned it and asy almost as much as I did when I was young. I just wanted to make sure this little bit of our family's history was preserved somewhere, before I start to forget things. Seems like it's happening to me more and more! It stinks getting older! LOL